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‘eco tourism’

The Coracle Ride - There are 10 coracles provided with cusion seating. The ride covers a distance of 5 km on the cool water with mountains and forest on either side gives us a rare sight. Having a round O in the water is also an other notable experience. You can also stop by the banks to have a walk into the jungle as you like.

Delicious Lunch - Chappathi, Variety Rice, Ragi ball with fish curry, Curd Rice, Fruits , Sweet, Vegetable salad, Minaral Water.

Trekking - Walking into the bushes and marshes, along some seasonal streams, enjoying fresh air really energising us, inhaling the smell of the flowers and so on.

River Bath - We may get little tired and sweat and is in need of a bath. A nice bath in the running water with the pleasant breeze giving a cooling effect and a great relief.

Visiting Hours: 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM

Aim - To promote awareness on the forest and wildlife - To provide a livehood for the tribals for their welfare - Happiness & Enjoyment to the tourist